I was a bit confused until he said Cerebral Assassin(he thought it was Triple H, yes…)

Then I tell him it’s Randy and he says “That guy fucking sucks. That’s why he lost the title.”

I tell him at least it was to Daniel Bryan and that I like him too.

His response was that I like all the people who suck.

I honestly thought I’d get along real well with my best friend’s best friend but she kind of annoys be tbqh



Just a little something I made for a someone who is very important in my life. I love you, dweeb c:



My dream match is to see zeb and Jack vs Cesaro and Paul :-)

Just imagine zeb hitting paul and wrestling. O geez



Happy 37 Birthday to my champ

Happy Birthday John Cena

Happy 37th birthday John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (April 23rd, 1977)

Happy birthday boo!

“I just love Renee Young, she’s so cute and bubbly. And her personality is the greatest. How could one not love her?”

"I want Roman Reigns to call me baby girl the same way he called Renee Young baby girl while R&B slow jams plays in the background."
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